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My name is Susan Ordona,a healthcare professional for many years before rediscovering the entrepreneurship fire in me.
I am on my new venture in the business world,starting with being in the public relations at The Real Investor Network(also known as REINclub).
Everyday is a new day for me as I am on my quest to learn new things,learn from the experts,interact with people,share
ideas and knowledge,network with like-minded individuals,explore every opportunity to grow as a person as well as in the business world toward economic independence.
So as I go on this journey I will be sharing a lot about business especially off and online internet marketing,exposure,networking,branding and exploring the worldwide Web 2.0 and social media network,and just anything goes about business and entrepreneurship.


travel, business, opera, classical music, public relations, pop music, events, weblogs, museums, rock music, ballroom dancing, people, research, social media, singing, social networking, reading business books, community outreach, information marketing, people interviews and profiles, motivational and self-empowerment seminars, cross-over country music, tv/radio/internet media, business/currents events articles